PhotoDetective: Image Forensic Toolkit

What is PhotoDetective?

Our current project is an application that enables users to determine if, and how, an image may have been altered. We have created a simple-to-use Graphical User Interface (GUI) so that anybody can take any image they find in commonly used formats (jpeg, png) and perform digital forensic analysis with only a point and a click of the mouse.

What can PhotoDetective do?

PhotoDetective allows users to open an image file and then select a forensic algorithm to perform on the image. These algorithms come from peer reviewed papers in the digital forensics field. Each algorithm tells a different part of the story behind the photo including:

And more...

How does PhotoDetective work?

PhotoDetective lets you run a variety of routines on an image, each that provides a little part of the full story behind the image. Specifically it uses the following algorithms and techniques.

What can I do with PhotoDetective?

PhotoDetective has many real world applications that would be of interest to far more people.

Why PhotoDetective?

The interface was designed to be as intuitive and user-friendly as possible, while the coding was designed to be up to professional standards.

System Specifications