Photographic Forensic Investigation Guide


In this guide, you’ll see how science and technology have come together to help learn the hidden truth behind a photo. You’ll learn some of the most common techniques of photographic forensics and test your own ingenuity in piecing together the story from these techniques. You’ll learn how to how to spot an image that has been enhanced, identify a non-original image, detect which camera an image could originate from, and how to use other techniques practiced by professional forensic scientists.

The photo investigation guide is divided into separate sections, each that explain an important feature of images to consider when conducting forensic analysis. In each section, you will read why that feature is important for revealing meaningful information about an image. You will then read about how to examine images for those features using specialized software, and how to interpret the results. Together, these section will offer you a fuller picture of what to look for in real versus fake images, and why. But more importantly, by using reading through the different techniques, you’ll learn about their relative strengths and limitations. Proper forensic analysis requires considering both, and you will learn how to think more clearly and effectively abilities that will help you in whatever you do